Thursday, September 15, 2011

Custom Team Onsie

I don't know about your house but here at my house the fall is time for college football season which means on every GAME DAY (other wise known as Saturday) the Grover's all wear HUSKER RED.

Being this true to our team is fun but rather expensive especially when you are talking about an outfit for 4 month old.

Expensive because 1. they cost more than a pretty penny and take a chance in paying the $40 or more for a shirt one week but the next week she hits a growth spurt and it doesn't fit anymore.

So I decided the best way to avoid that toil and trouble is to make Rose her own special Husker onsie. My inspiration coming from those ringer tees that baseball players wear.

What you will need: SEI Tumble Dye in your team's color, packaging tape, plastic bags, SEI Iron-on Art in the polka dot letters, and a onsie.

On the front of the onsie tape off each sleeve and under the collar flap. Spray with the tumble dye. Allow each side to dry completely before handling to avoid putting red where you don't want it. I put grocery bags under the whole thing so I didn't get the tumble dye everywhere. I did get some on my counter top but it just wiped off.

On the back side tape off only the sleeves and let dry. After the sleeves are dry then tape the curve from the neck to mimic the front.

After letting it air dry and putting it in the dryer for twenty minutes I placed the letters where I wanted them on the onsie.




PBL said...

GO BIG RED! (from another Husker) Your baby is adorable!

Leanor said...

oh my gosh. She is beautiful and your handmade onsie beats anything you could buy from anywhere.

karen said...

Yeah another Husker! Thanks for the love.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, my favorite is the onesie! What a cutie patootie your baby is just adorable in her onesie. I bet evertone that saaw it would have liked one for that special baby in their life!!

Charlene said...

The onsie post is my fav, fav, to check out that tumble dye!

Scrapestas said...

Go Huskers! Friends live in Lincoln and work at the University. Gotta love fall for college football, no matter what team you root for. I received my first two Tumble Dye colors at a CK Convention - I love all the ways to use them.

angie gutshall said...

Seriously, this is so cute!


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