Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Blogger, Karen Grover

This month's guest has a special place in our hearts. Karen Grover worked here in the SEI Art Studio before she moved. We are so excited to see what she has been up to since then. It's sure to be an inspiring week (plus a GIVEAWAY Friday). So come check out something new each day!

- Find me at Kelly Green
- Born, raised, and visit Millard County, Utah
- Curently live in Las Vegas, Nevada
- Graduated from Utah State University in graphic design
- Wife to Tom and Mother to Rosabeth Mae

- For some reason I am always drawn to white in decorating but I never want white walls in my home.
- My latest challenging is getting the handle of being a new mom in a new town while still dealing with fluctuating hormones.
- Favorite things- Chicken cordon blue food, fruit loops cereal, fresh linen smell, Kate Spade designer, green color, Some where in time Movie, Gone with the wind book, being at my childhood home, and baby kisses from Rosabug.



Amy C said...

Oh, I can't wait to see what is in store for this week!

NW_Girl said...

I am a huge fan of S.E.I. Each line is more gorgeous than the next. Love to see what is next!

Scrapestas said...

Your expressions are priceless!

jbonomo said...

Adorable, adorable photo of you and your daughter!

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