Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple Anytime Cards

Welcome Pearl Lui to our 2012 design team! For her first feature, we are showing off two cards she designed using the Homestead collection. We are going to leave the descriptions up to her...


"I made a simple card using the fall foliage die-cut leaves. I absolutely love the clean yet crinkly shapes of the leaves, so to play off of them, I created a homespun design using strips of scrap paper to create a banner. To echo the banner shape and organic feel of the card, I also created a simple banner with the handwritten sentiment of 'thankful for you'. This is a super easy, fun, and great way to use up scraps!"


"I made a red envelope as a gift to one of my friend's newborn's 100th day celebration. In the Chinese culture, whenever there is a new born celebration, a red envelop is always in order. They're most popular during the Chinese New Year celebration when married adults hand them out to children of family and friends."

"Here I used a single strip of 4"x 11.5" pattern paper. The Homestead Cedar Chest is perfect with its naturally red and gold tones. I scored the paper every 3 inches, with the last rectangle's width to be only 2.5". I snipped a little from the top of that last rectangle and sewed it down. I decorated it a little more using scraps of coordinating pattern papers, closed it up, put it in a clear envelope, and just like that, a homemade red envelope."

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