Saturday, December 10, 2011

11th Day: Candy Cone

It's getting closer! Only two weeks until Christmas eve. Hopefully all you have left are a few little gifts for neighbors, friends, and teachers. So, for the 11th and 12th days we are going to give you some ideas of how to give treats in a special way.

If you would like to make a "candy cone" like Melissa, here are her instructions:

"To create this little cone, I cut a block of pattern paper that was double sided to 8" x 8". I rolled it into the shape I wanted and hot glued it together. I fussy cut out the little snowman and punched out a piece of blue paper. I glued the blue circle onto the front of the cone and then used dimensional dots on the back of my snowman for a little depth. I wrapped some twine around the snowmen's neck to mimic a scarf. I punched two holes on either side of the cone and used some twine as the 'handle'. Lastly, I placed some faux pearls on the cone."

"Fill it up with candy, and give it to a lucky someone! This would be perfect to make for the kids - you could place it on their door knobs! It could also make cute little gifts for teachers or for the kid's friends at school."

Check back later for our last gift idea!

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Diana Waite said...

this is such a cute kid craft idea!


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