Thursday, December 22, 2011

Club SEI January 2011 - Let's Doodle 101

Hand written design is very in right now. Or may have never left...who knows these days. The good news is, we are here to help your doodling skills along! Yes, even if you think you're bad at stick figures. Cause guess what?

Now, doodling is featured in our January Club SEI kit in that fab kraft journal-and we want you to doodle! If you are terrified to even start, let's start with some inspiration and tips to get you going.

Typography is a great place to start. Letters, words, fonts, whatever you want to call them. Next time you are writing a note to yourself, draw the letters pretty. Your grocery list? Make it super fancy. And a bonus is you'll be extra excited about buying that toilet paper. Try it. Every individual alphabet letter you write is now an opportunity to experiment.

Chalkboards are a great way to practice-they tend to be forgiving and you can erase. Plus they just look super cool. It keeps you loose as well-dare you to make a perfectly straight line without any ruler help. Can't? Good. You'll just have to let it be curvy and imperfect. Have fun with that mess! Don't wear black and draw on a chalkboard though...thank us later.

Elements of what you write can be fun to add into your doodles. The first image has little rain drops coming out of it. Jolly has some holly doodled and that balloon shape really adds to its quote. Or you can make what you're writing the center of attention by surrounding it with pretty little doodles. Notice these all have color? Don't be afraid of that, either! Grab your kids watercolors, colored pencils, highlighters, colored pens, whatever you've got around. Color can be a great way to add emphasis and interest to what you're creating.

Cross the line. You heard us-this is one place where it is not only acceptable, but down right encouraged. Two pages! Make it big, bold and totally you.

And a last little bit...have fun. Be silly. Don't judge yourself too harsly. It's your journal so create it just how you want it! And if you haven't signed up for your January Club SEI kit and still want to, click that link. We'll make sure it gets to you.


BethW said...

Wow-that's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my kit.


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