Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Invite & Favor Box

What are your New Year's plans? Anyone hosting a New Year's Party? Patricia Kumfer (we're going to start calling her Patty, cause we're tight like that) made a lovely New Year's party invite and favor for her guests.

"This little box I filled with mints and a post it note that has a wish on it for my friend or family member. Instead of thinking of resoulutions I wanted to wish my party guests things like 'Have a great Year'. The invite has '2012' all over it and I stamped snow flakes covered with glitter to add a little touch of sparkle."

Patty's unique-shaped box is adorned with a bow. She made it by cutting and folding Silver Valley paper like ribbon.


Diana Waite said...

that box with the bow is TOTALLY cute! GREAT creations!

Melinda said...

cute box and invite! that invite would make a great cover for a mini book!


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