Monday, January 2, 2012

His & Hers Java Jackets Gift

Looking for a fun handmade gift idea? What about a pair of his and hers java jackets? Emily made an adorable pair of snow people for these java jackets using paper and stickers from the Holiday Cheer collection. She will explain how to do it...

"Un-assemble a java jacket and use it to trace the shape a on a strip of patterned paper and trim. To make sure the trimmed paper fits the sleeve perfectly, score the folds of the original sleeve onto the patterned paper, then adhere to the cardboard java jacket."

"Add small areas of glitter to create a 'snowy' effect! Adding glitter in small areas making sure that you don't over-power other elements of your project!"


Diana Waite said...

my goodness that is CLEVER!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

SUPER cute, Emily!! LOVE the pom pom ribbons and the papers!! Super clever idea;)


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