Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Make Your Own Taggy Blanket

This is my favorite gift to give at baby showers. So easy. I also have a passion for ribbon and this is a great excuse for buying lots of different kinds (or using up bits you have saved).

How to: Pick two coordinating fabrics for the front and back (make sure they are cut exactly the same size). Soft "minky" fabrics are my favorite, but only use them on one side (it slinks around and is difficult to sew on). Use something stiffer like cordurouy or flannel on the other. I also like to use polka dot prints because it makes topstitching the quilting lines easier.

Step 1) Lay one side flat with the right side facing up. Lay ribbons around the sides until they are evenly spaced. Fold the ribbons in half, lining up their two raw bottom edges with the edge of the fabric so that the loops are facing IN. Pin in place

Step 2) Stitch down the ribbons using a regular straight stitch (as opposed to a basting stitch; you want the reinforced stitching to keep the ribbons secure for future abuse from children).

Step 3) Cut a piece of quilt batting so it is one inch shorter on all sides than the fabric. Baste it to the WRONG side of the second piece of fabric (the one without the ribbons) so that it won’t scootch around when you turn it right side out.

Step 4) Stitch right sides of fabric together. Be extra careful that the ribbons are laying flat inside. Leave a gap large enough for your hand to reach through.

Step 5) Turn the blankie right side out. Smooth the batting so it’s flat. Stitch the end closed, turning the seam in so it aligns with the rest.

Step 6) Decide how many top stitch lines you want to make. You can use a row of polka dots or other patterns to follow or mark a line with pins or chalk. Topstitch to make the blanket quilted. Now remove the basting stitches you added to hold the batting in place. You’re all done!


Diana Waite said...

AMAZING--thanks for a how-to!

Melinda said...

thanks for sharing! guess i gotta learn how to sew now and put my sewing machine to good use!


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