Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Upcycled" Notebook

Jennifer created this beautiful notebook using papers from the Promise Me collection. The flower was made by layering flowers from the sheer love die-cut accents and a pearl accent from the sundries pack.

"For me, the beginning of the year is all about organizing. In going through my office space at home, I found several half used notebooks of various sizes. Some only had a few pages left and were taking up valuable cabinet space! I decided to remove the unused pages and create one beautiful notebook that I could leave out on my desk and use as needed."

"I did it by first cutting down all the pages to the same size, in this case 5 x 7. The front and back cover of the notebook was created using one of my favorite papers in the Promise Me collection, Desire. I decided to laminate the covers since this would get quite a bit of use. I used my Bind-it-All to bind the pages together. I even made myself a coordinating pen by cutting a narrow strip of paper, rolling it slightly, then inserting it into my pen."

Who wouldn't love to have this pretty notebook sitting out on their desk? It would make a great gift too.

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Diana Waite said...

this is so lovely and delicate!


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