Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Mailbox

Jennifer made this adorable Valentine box using the Promise Me papers and embellishments. She has such a cute idea of how to use it. She explains...

"This was created with my 7 year old daughter in mind. I thought it would be fun to set up a little mailbox for 'love notes' between us and a great way to encourage her to expand her writing skills. I used lots of paper and stickers on this project to transform a dollar store purchase into something really special. And the Sweet Talk perforated sheet made for cute little 'letters'!"

Isn't it great that she found this mailbox at the dollar store? We are always impressed with what Jennifer can create with inexpensive items like frames, cereal boxes, gift bags, CD cases...

What are your Valentine's traditions? Do you do something sweet for your kids, like Jennifer?


Diana Waite said...

I made something like this a few years ago! I need to make little note cards so people can write---this is SO lovely!

Amy Kingsford said...

Gorgeous Jennifer! I have one of these mini mailboxes lying around just waiting to be altered and you've definitely inspired me to do so :)


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