Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Studio Picks: Emily

What inspires me? So many things. Most of all the great fore-photography-fathers inspire me. Irving Penn, Joel Meyerowitz, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams, Patrick Demarchelier.

Irving Penn: I’ve always wanted to do a photo shoot with live Elephants, wouldn’t that be amazing!

Joel Meyerowitz: My bragging rights, I met him, and actually had dinner with him. Great photographer, we have him to thank for 9-11 documentation.

Posing Tips for Photos: There are so many photographers that can inspire our photos; regardless of the type of photos we hope to take. We can all create images like Irving Penn. Replace the model with our own child or niece or nephew and replace the live elephants with our prized pets and you’ve created your own Irving Penn. The great images of all time can be re-made into our own masterpieces for our enjoyment. Here are some ideas for posing that can not only help you look glamorous for your upcoming wedding but can also give you tips on how to pose for family photos.

Another major inspiration of mine is Maps. Maybe I suffer from desire to travel on the brain, but I love them; as a blanket, as a design wall sticker element for the home, or even as sentimental memorabilia. SEI has a darling paper with a pink tint map in their Promise Me paper pad that I adore.

I love this idea with the heart-shaped maps. It would be so much fun to make heart-shaped maps for a wedding gift of where the couple met, where they were married, and where they are going to live. I have a lot of friends that are military brats; maybe I’ll make them a collage of all the places throughout the world that they have lived.

What about you?? What inspires you?

(We have each enjoyed sharing what inspires us! If you have enjoyed the Art Studio Picks series, leave a comment and tell us. So we know whether to continue doing it.)


Mommy Sauri~ said...

please continue. I love seeing these posts.

Mommy Sauri~

Scrapycandy said...

I think this is fun! And yes it is inspiring. Thank you.


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