Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Places We Go Journal

Amy used the Desert Springs for this journal. She said, "When I first saw this spiral-bound journal with its lined pages to write in, blank pages for photos and pockets to store memorabilia in--I immediately I thought it was perfect for a travel journal. However with two small children--let's be honest--I don't do a whole lot of traveling these days :) So instead I decided to take the 'stay-cation approach' and turn this journal into a fun way to capture our day trips and other family outings."

"For my cover I chose to leave the chipboard for my background so that I could experiment with a fun tone-on-tone effect with these awesome corrugate cardboard alphas. However I think the stitching, 3D stickers and the texture of the alphas more than make up for for the lack of color by adding both dimension and detail to my journal cover."

"There are so many different ways you can capture and keep your memories in this journal...I can't wait to start filling it with all of our little family adventures!"


Diana Waite said...

this is just GORGEOUS!

Melinda said...

Cute! I love it!


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