Friday, August 10, 2012

Butterfly Shadow Box

Good morning, everyone! It's Melissa here on the blog today and I am showing you a pretty little shadow box I put together! This little box was super easy to put together and only consists of two pieces! It can't get much easier than that :-)

First, I took the base of the piece and measured an 8x8 piece of paper from the "Field Notes" collection. I liked the ledger/script pattern on the back - it made me think of putting together the old insect collections back in elementary school! I adhered down the background piece of paper and then used another foiled paper from the same collection for the inside panels of the box. You don't necessarily see this when looking straight on at the shadow box, but it gives the box a finished look - especially if someone is up close and inspecting it!

Secondly, I painted the outside "frame" with white gesso and then set it aside to dry. The fun part was next! I gathered up my butterfly punches and punched a bunch of butterflies from various pattern papers. I also used some of the die cut butterflies from the collection and I even fussy cut out a couple of them from the foiled pattern paper.

I started to adhere these down on the background using foam dots for many of them. Some of them I layered and some of them were just flat against the paper. On some of the butterflies, I placed a foam dot underneath the head and used pins as the antennae and simply pushed them into the foam dot! Lastly, I glued down some gold sequins around the butterflies. At this point, I adhered down the outside frame and the box was completed! This would look great in an office, school room, or in a bedroom.

Thanks for letting me share this project with you! Have a fantastic day!



Diana Fisher said...

This is amazing! I love this — and have the itch to make one for myself! :)

Nathalie said...

This is such a pretty and creative project!!! Much better than the real thing :)

jengd said...

So many kinds of cute! I received the Field Notes papercrafting kit the other month as a blog candy from someone and LOVED the mobile and shadowbox. At CKC the other week I picked up another shadowbox and more papers- I may have to give this a try for those extras! :)

kim said...

So pretty! I'm a sucker for butterflies!


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