Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Unlucky Layout

Have you ever owned a pet whose a bit of a troublemaker and you have to remind yourself from time to time why you love them!?

Well Dragon--appropriately named by my son--is that pet for us. From the moment this cat stepped foot in our home he was trouble--thats right even when he was an adorable little kitten! We've always maintained that our "Dragon" lends serious weight to the theory that black cats are "unlucky." We've lost two computers, a vase, a mirror and even a camera to this wild little kitty. But still we love him...

And even though this is an everyday photo of our cat, I felt like using the Halloween-themed papers and stickers included in the Salem Heights collection added a bit if novelty to my story.

I started out this page by creating a freestyle grid pattern on my page using one inch squares of my favorite patterned papers from the collection and popped them out with foam squares and added a doodled border around each to help them stand out even more.

I combined the Corrugate Cardboard Alpha and the Green Puff Alpha for my title and then created an embellishment cluster above my title using the Salem Heights Sticker Sheet and a scrap of cheesecloth. I placed a block of journaling below my title using one of the journaling stickers from the sheet and then I added a few additional bits of hand-written journaling throughout the page to direct the eye from my photo down to my title and journaling.



Judy said...

Cute layout!! Our troublemaker is Oliver. We adopted him from a shelter in March 2010 when he was 7 months old. We went in for a tiny kitten and come home with a moose. LOL He's huge and still gets into trouble, though not as bad as when we first got him. I was *this close* to returning him to the shelter but lucky for him, I never got that far. I actually like him now despite all the trouble he gets into.

Margi said...

OMG!!! I have a cat as well and she is the luckiest cat in the planet. I love her. TFS


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