Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sleeping Baby Door Hanger Decor

Hey there!! Lately, I have been feeling the "I want a baby!" What's funny is that I had no compelling desire before I was thirty, but once I hit the 30 year mark, it's like everywhere I go I see babies, want to play with them, imagine myself holding one, look at cute clothing, decor and accessories, and basically drive the husband nuts. My DH and I's plan to wait until July 2013 to start trying seems forever and ever away from now. But, until then I can use the time to make fun decor for a future little twig using SEI's beautiful paper. Today's project used paper and embellishments from the Vanilla Sunshine collection.

Obviously, I'm not preggos.....yet! So, the problem seems to be "what do I use for an obviously gender-neutral baby?" Yellows and greens have been done-to-death! So, why not branch out and try a color triad---like the pinks, turquoise and yellows found in the Vanilla Sunshine collection. "Pink, for a boy?" you say? "YES!" I say! Pick some bold pink and turquoise for a POP of color, but mix in a little gender neutral patterned paper with the pinks and flowers, like the gender-neutral patterned papers found in the Vanilla Sunshine 8.5" x 11" Card Maker's Paper Pad and you're good to go.

After I painted a chipboard panel, I trimmed and adhere a long block of Sidewalk Chalk to the panel. I then drew an elephant template on a piece of scrap cardstock, trimmed it, traced it onto the backside of Strawberry Whimsy and cut out the elephant. I then added an ear to the elephant with patterned paper from the Vanilla Sunshine 8.5" x 11" Card Maker's Paper pad. Punch some paper from the same paper pad into clouds and hearts and then adhere the elephant, clouds and hearts to the panel. Add a cute ground line with Vanilla Sunshine Borders, and spell "Baby" with Vanilla Sunshine's Glitter Alphabet stickers. Tie some fun ribbon to the top, and hang it from the doorknob in your nursery.

Hang this on the outside of the nursery door to remind other's in the house to be quiet if baby's napping!



Sarah Webb said...

Too cute!

Margi said...

This door hanger is so cute. That's perfect for a Baby shower gift.

veronica said...

this is TOO cute!!
love it.


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