Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Day" 11: Holiday Mug Gift

We love a gift with pretty packaging, no matter how simple or elaborate. One great thing about packaging your gift in a mug is the "wrapping" is a useful part of the gift as well.

You can fill your mug with the the recipients favorite things. How about a packet of peppermint tea stapled to a pretty paper and a candy cane?

Fold a piece of paper into a fan and place it inside the mug to fill it up with a festive detail. Use the Holiday Traditions collection for a tag.

If you purchase a larger mug, you can include some yummy soup and a spoon. Wrap ribbon around the gift to make a practical gift (like soup) a little more fun.

One of the classic ideas for a "mug gift" is hot cocoa. Include a packet of hot cocoa, candy cane, and special marshmallows. If you are feeling ambitious you can even make your own marshmallows.

Later today we will have our final gift idea and a giveaway!

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