Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Day" 7: Little Elves Christmas Project

Do you know some little kiddos that like elves? We do! They like to think about how big they are, what they look like, and how they can sneak around watching them without being seen.

Today's gift idea is great for those curious kiddos! They can even help make these elves for their friends, cousins or decorations. Ours kind of look like ninjas, which is fitting for sneaky little elves. :)

Wooden balls
Velvet paper
Glue gun
Thin marker

1. Hot glue a wooden ball to a pinecone. An adult should use the glue gun.
2. Cut a piece of velvet paper a few inches tall, form into a cone, trim the edge, and glue to top of your ball.
3. Glue a bell to the top of your new hat.
4. Cut a strip of velvet paper long enough to wrap around your ball with a few extra inches.
5. Cut into each end of your velvet strip to create a little fringe.
6. Glue your velvet strip around your ball to form a scarf.
7. Add some little eyes with your marker.

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