Friday, December 7, 2012

"Day" 9: Wrapped Candle Gift

Ever think you're holiday shopping is done but you actually forgot someone? Maybe a friend in the neighborhood who drops something by unexpectedly? It happens, right?

If you are in this predicament, you're in luck! The first gift idea for today is super simple and easy wrapped candles. They can even be created with things you find at the dollar store.

Inexpensive candles
Strips of paper or borders

1. Wrap strips of paper or borders around inexpensive candles (we recommend checking the dollar store).
2. Trim if necessary. Apply adhesive to the end of each strips so it stays together.
3. Remember to tell the recipient that the candles are decorative. If they want to burn them, they should remove the paper and borders to avoid a fire.


Scrapycandy said...

Actually had a fire one day..the raffia on the candle caught fire and we looked over from the dining room table to the candles sitting on a cocktail table, fully ablaze. The good news is that they were sitting on a metal tray near the fireplace. I picked up the tray and ran it over to the fireplace so we could put out the fire. Learned my lesson.

sei art studio said...

That's scary. Good thing you were paying attention!


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