Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Diggin' It" Summer Layout

Hi there! OK, I admit it, by the time March hits, I am itching for the summer to get here. I want to air out the house (without heating the great outdoors), I crave bright colours and I long for the beach and the sunshine. One of the ways I satisfy these cravings, is by creating a brightly coloured page with a fun, sunny topic. I chose to put the Diane and the Think of me collections to work, using some of the bright colours to compliment pictures of our son playing in the sand during an early trip to the beach (it was way too cold to swim - he was the only one in short sleeves ;).

I created the green chevron/arrow design by piecing together some of the patterned paper pieces in the Diane Quilt Blocks, die cut accents. It made for a quick and easy detail to add to my page. Don't be afraid to mix the collections -it allowed me to connect the page to the pictures by combining the blues and giving me the freedom to tie in red.

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