Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Tags

Hello, Everyone. I'm feeling springy!! Aren't you in love with spring? I am. All the pastel colors and easter bunny themes everywhere makes me feel fresh and ready for the season.

The Diane scrapbook collection is totally raising my spring spirit. I just can't wait to use them to make more fun and creative things. But let's just start with what I made for now shall we?

I love sending cards and gifts to my love ones when the seasons change just for fun. So, I made these tags to add to a package that I will sent to my friends. These tags are Diane tags die cut accents. They make my life much easier because they are patterned paper pre-cut and very easy to alter.

Tag No.1: I added cardstock sticker then brass paper clips.

Tag No.2: The rose ribbon makes this simple tag more interesting. I also added some layers to it.

Tag No.3: I used a lot of foam adhesive on this tag. All those cute little flowers coated with glitter just makes this tag look like it has been sparkled with fairy dust.

Now all the packages for spring are packed and ready to be ship to my lovely friends.


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