Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY Boy's Sunglasses T-Shirt

Boys clothing... Ahem... Speaking for myself, it's not the most exciting stuff out there. My kids will follow a few trends-- skinny jeans (they're both skinny, so they fit more like "regular" jeans), the occasional button downs... but anything beyond that is no-go. And I'm perfectly fine with that. I want them to look like little boys and not like short little 20 year olds.

Anyhow, they are not fashionistos but they like the occasional cool t-shirt. I've found that "cool" tees are either uber expensive or loaded with product placement. So when I saw this on-trend iron-on sunglasses set from SEI, the wheels in my head started spinning.

I seldom have the opportunity to make things for my boys to wear, but when I ran this idea by my seven year old, he was excited and totally onboard. When one of my boys is onboard with one of my ideas, I run with it!

materials needed:
cotton t-shirt
SEI sunglasses iron-on art

This is a quick and easy project. Just follow the instructions on the packaging!

First, prewash the t-shirt and air dry.

Lay the shirt on a hard, flat surface. Cut out the sunglasses of your choice and position it on the shirt.

Lay it face-down (paper backing side up) and iron it with DRY iron set to 350 F (cotton or linen setting on most irons). Press Firmly for 15-20 seconds and let cool for 1 minute.

Slowly peel back the paper backing. Then turn the shirt inside out and iron the design on the reverse side with Firm Pressure for 10-15 seconds.

That's it! A quick and easy project that has the boys' stamp of approval.

Here's the "top gun" shirt that I made for my younger son. He wasn't up for modeling so a hanger on the door will have to do. :)


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jengd said...

Cute idea, great result!

Miriam Prantner said...

This is really cute! Love how it turned out!

Jessica Yoder-Jones said...

I love this idea!!! Can't wait to do with for my daughter on a onesie

Scrapycandy said...

wow, some serious creativeness and totally unexpected!

Carla said...

How cute is this? Great
and fun idea.
Carla from Utah

Sue D said...

What fun t-shirt--thanks for the idea.

Emily Keaton said...

Thgis is a super cool idea--I know my 10YO son would adore this!

BethW said...

My youngest grandson would love this! Thank you for the great inspiration.

k. smith said...

Oh my, hoe funny is that shirt. How creative and devilish as the same time.

Beth said...

I LIKE sewing for boys! There are so many cute monster/car/plane/robot prints out there now!

lesleyana said...

this is so cute - and easy.

Ruth said...

Super cute and simple. Some hot pink glasses would work great for a girl too.

Denise Bryant said...

Cute idea! I want one for myself!

Kim H said...

cute and simple, love it. thanks for sharing.
PaperCraftingAddict Scrapper

Anonymous said...

Hi, Nice creation and good t-shirt it is!! We come to know about new products here. Thanks for sharing!!


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