Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Ornament Decor in Non-Traditional Colours

Hi! One of the really fun things about SEI are the specialty papers. There are great, fabric-like patterned papers as well as velvet in a variety of rich, bright colours. I decided that I wanted to create some holiday decorations with completely non-traditional colours.

I cut out two 1 inch strips for the small ball and two 1.5 inch strips for the larger ball from the music themed specialty paper. Tip: apply the sticky tape to the center of the strips and pleat it directly onto the decoration. (It was much easier to pleat it onto the decoration, instead pleating the paper first and then adhering it to the ball).

The velvet is smooth and not too thick. I chose to use the Coconut and Mosaic colours for my decorations. The velvet cut easily using my thin metal dies and my embossing machine. It took only one pass for the snowflakes to be cut cleanly.

I added the snowflake over the pleated paper with a glue dot and wrapped/tied the ribbon over the snowflake. The gems were added last. The ribbon and the gems are from the Penrose and Vogue sundries packages.

I hope I have given you a few ideas for something different for holiday decorations.

Thanks for stopping in!


April said...

Great decorations! Lately I've really been enjoying the idea of non-traditional Christmas colors so this really hits the spot!

Cyndi said...

You pleated the music paper while the whole piece of paper was inside the glass ball? How?

Ashrak bd said...

Thank You Very Much for share this post with us...

Unknown said...



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