Friday, January 24, 2014

Penpal Mini Books

Hi everyone! It's April, so happy to be here again to share my first project using Club SEI's January Papercrafting Kit. I loved this month's kit because there were a lot of goodies that I was able to dig into to use for different projects.

Late last year, I picked up the hobby of writing to penpals and have been loving it. It's so great to connect with ladies from all over the world who have the same interests as me and who appreciate the time and effort put into making something creative because, let's be honest, my husband - as wonderful as he is - just does not appreciate a homemade card like my penpals do! :) In trying to use up my scrapbooking stash, I came up with making homemade mini books that I use to write my penpal letters in. When I saw the pocket books that were included in this month's kit, I knew right away that they would be a perfect starting point for a couple of penpal mini books!

The pack is supposed to be for one book, but I separated the pieces to make two books. I adhered the kraft cardstock to the kraft/gold-dotted tag to use as my cover, then I punched some holes into the spine to tie the books together.

With my books assembled, it was time to start decorating. I took a bunch of different elements from the kit including the Noteworthy Jr. packaging! Tip: Don't throw packaging away right away - sometimes there are some really cute patterns, phrases, and other elements on them that you can use in your projects!

For example, on the cover of this book, I layered over the blue floral printed paper that came from the binder's packaging:

With my mini books, I like to cut some pages down, add tabs, pockets, and other elements to make the book a little more interactive. Here are some peeks into a few of the completed pages:

With my book complete, now all I have to do is get to writing my letter! :)

I'll be back next week to share another project. Thanks for stopping by!

April Joy


Unknown said...

Love it!!! Did you join a pen pal writing group?

Nathalie said...

Lovely, as always with your mini books!

apes said...

Thanks Tyra! :) No, I didn't join a group. I actually just picked up my penpals by asking some girls that I follow on Instagram who were already established in penpalling! :)

Thanks so much Nathalie! :)


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