Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sour Cream Candy Containers

Hi friends! Joy here to share a fun and easy candy container craft.

First, take your favorite paper and cut it to 5"x6". I'm using a pretty checkered sheet of paper from SEI's Chalet paper pack. You can make four of these containers from one sheet of paper. They're usually called sour cream containers because they resemble the containers that single servings of sour cream come in.

Next, roll the paper into a tube shape. Glue the paper on the long side to keep the tube form. If you want to scallop the edge like I did, this is a good time to grab a scalloped paper punch and trim the ends.

Now you can smash down one end and glue or sew it in place. I sewed mine using a large needle and the twine from the Chalet Twill & Twine pack. Next, add your candy. I got so carried away sewing I had almost sewn the other end shut before adding the candy. Don't let that happen to you. LOL!

After you've added the candy, sew or glue closed that end. To achieve the "sour cream" container look, one end should be closed vertically while the other should be horizontal. Now your candy looks super cute! The person receiving this cute treat just has to tear off one end to get to their yummy gift. This is a fun way to give Valentine's Day candy! Happy Crafting!



Unknown said...

love the cute pillow box!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Tyra! :)


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