Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Owl Treat Box

Hooo's super cute? This adorable owl made using SEI's Pembroke paper!

If you like using die cut machines in your creating you're going to love using paper by SEI. It cuts perfectly. I like that each pack is coordinated so I don't have to be a color genius to figure out if this goes with that. Whew!

I'm using an owl tote box svg file that I got from the Silhouette store. I used Zip Dry paper glue to adhere the sides of the owl and Craft Glue Dots for the rest of the owl.

I used blue satin ribbon from the SEI Catalina Satin & Lace Trim Pack to make a cute bow for the top of the owl. I LOVE SEI's embellishments they're very high quality and

Happy Crafting!


cghundley said...

This little
owl is so
cute! Thanks
for showing
Carla from Utah

Unknown said...

Seriously adorable Joy!

Nicole (Bellenza Party Suite) said...

Oh my this is so cute!!


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