Monday, May 26, 2014

"Wash the Dishes" Ombre Dyed Kitchen Towel

The kids will soon be out of school for the whole summer. That's the perfect time to make some awesome crafts together! Here's an idea.

See, if you create a direct command in ombre coloring it makes doing the dishes seem exciting and fun! Right?! avoid disappointment maybe we shouldn't test that whole "doing dishes is exciting" theory on the kids but we should still make funny towels anyway. LOL! Regardless of what you want your towel to say, here's how to make one using the super easy SEI Tumble Dye.

Design your template using a die cut machine, cutting by hand or using a purchased stencil. I'm just using some plain white cardstock. If you want a crisper look than the one I achieved, consider sticking your paper down with spray adhesive or using vinyl. That way the dye will stay in the lines.

That being said, these flour sack kitchen towels that I'm using are absorbent and thin, so the dye is going to bleed some.

I want mine to look damp when it's finished, like a kitchen towel that's wet from the sink. So, I wanted a little overspray/bleed with the letters or I would have stuck them down better. I used scrap paper to cover the rest of the towel.

Isn't that pretty?! First I sprayed the word "Wash" with the pink Tumble Dye, then red and orange as I continued to the following words. I put the plastic sheet that protects my die cut mat under the layer of the towel where I was spraying so the dye wouldn't spread to the layers below. You could also use a craft mat.

To set the dye, heat set the towel in the dryer or with an iron. Bring on the dish washing...or the crafting of more towels! What will your towel say?

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