Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How to Decorate a Paper Mache Gift Box

I love to do “makeovers” on things like I did in this recent SEI project. I consider this a makeover even though the box isn’t really made to stay plain. I just think, “Hey, it could stay plain. I mean, I’ve certainly wrapped plenty of boring boxes in wrapping paper before.”

Well, since we’re not counting down to the last second of the Christmas holidays, now is the perfect time to make some customized gift boxes for special friends and family. They’re so thoughtful and perfect for any special occasion!

I’m using a double side perforated sheet from SEI’s lovely Athenaeum 12×12 Creative Pack. After separating the pieces, I trimmed them to fit the box.

I started painting the box with that bright yellow thinking it would look great but it looked like Big Bird melted on it. To counteract melted Big Bird, I added a metallic gold color. Then I felt like a genius…all because it accidentally turned out well. LOL!

Working on one side at a time, I covered each side of the box with Mod Podge and placed the SEI paper pieces on the box. Next, I covered each piece with Mod Podge to seal them in place. After the Mod Podge dries, the box is complete!

I love this finished box! You can see all of my SEI projects here (on my blog) or here (on Pinterest).

Happy Crafting!


Tyra Babington said...

Joy! wonderful project!

Joy Joyslife said...

Thank you, Tyra! :)


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