Saturday, September 13, 2014

Paper Recipe Box

How fun it is to create something useful and pretty all from paper, glue and a few embellishments!

Today I’m using some beautiful paper by SEI from the Azalea collection to create this Recipe Box (design id #27660) from the Silhouette Store. The box assembles quite easily. You just need to bend the paper in a few places and add a bit of glue. Done! Now you can embellish it!

I added some pom pom ribbon to the edges of the box using my hot glue gun. SEI has lots of great embellishments to choose from. Take a look at the other things you could add!

This paper is pretty inside and out!

This box would be a nice way to give a small food gift along with the recipe!

You can see all of my SEI projects here (on my blog) or here (on Pinterest).


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