Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Right Now" Scrapbook Layout

I don't know about you, but when I am struggling with ideas for creating layouts I tend to either keep things simple or use a grid styled layout for my design. For this layout I just wasn't feeling it initially...but once I started moving my pictures around a bit and played with a grid-like layout things started coming together.

Using papers from the Catalina collection from SEI was perfect for these photos. These pictures were taken in March and you can tell that spring was trying to be on it's merry little way (even if it's just from the bright and cheery colors that my daughter is wearing)... I love the delicate little flower design on the patterned paper that I used for the blocking on the top and bottom of my layout.

Adding some of the kraft chips and some trims was just the thing to give my layout a finished look. I've been on a kick using my computer for my journaling too...I like how I was able to incorporate my journaling into the grid design here.

Catalina Paper - Granny Chic
Catalina Paper - Verdigris
Catalina Punch Tags - Applique
Catalina Sundries
Catalina Kraft Chips
Misc. - Ribbon Trim


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