Friday, September 4, 2015

"Free Spirit" Scrapbook Layout

I don't know about you all but summer is seriously kicking my butt! There is a small part of me (I admit) that is secretly looking forward to the routine that the start of the school year brings. That doesn't mean that I'm not taking advantage of and enjoying every little moment of summer's just busy!!

For this layout I had to grab some supplies and create it on the "go" since we've been traveling and busy with summer plans, etc. I challenged myself a bit and did some free-hand title work, doodling and some paper shape cutting with those freehand circles. I did do some machine stitching once at home though as you can see by taking a closer look.

At first I didn't care for this just didn't feel like my normal way of scrapping...and really, it wasn't. But it's grown on me and I'm happy with it. The photo is an oldie of my daughter and I remember that particular day she wasn't dressed for the beach (she was in shorts and a tee-shirt, but no suit) but here we were, at the beach and I just let her go in and get all soaking wet anyways. So fun... and fitting with her "free spirit" ways. Love her so!

Sometimes you just have to let go and have some fun...even when crafting!!!


Supplies Used:
Catalina Collection - Flea Market patterned paper
Catalina Collection - Bracken Print patterned paper
Catalina Collection - White Wash patterned paper
Pembroke Collection - Sweater patterned paper (and reverse side as well)
Hooray! Collection - For You patterned paper
Cork Die-Cut Butterflies
Spring Picnic Collection - Stickers (butterfly)
Woodchip Die-Cut (Be Brave)
Misc. buttons

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