Tuesday, July 11, 2017

DIY Watermelon Projects Using Dye

Do you ever pin a project you are dying to do and similar ideas just keep popping up? Then, you're like, wow, I seriously NEEED to do this! I'm so excited! But, you get busy working on a website and next thing you know the summer is half over... Ok, you get the idea.

We've been pinning these watermelon project ideas FOREVER. We are so excited to try something similar with our Tumble Dye. But, it just hasn't happened. So, which idea is your favorite? Maybe we will finally get one done!

1. Watermelon Shorts - These shorts from Vanessa at DIY & Crafts look super simple to make. They would be even more simple with our Tumble Dye because there is no mixing!
2. Watermelon Bag - We love this tutorial by Madame Citron! If you don't speak French, just Google translate it and you'll get the idea. Once again, this would be more simple with Tumble Dye.
3. Watermelon Card - Use watercolor paper for this idea from Splitcoast Stampers.
4. Watermelon Skirt - Wow! We saw an adult-size skirt on-line that was lovely. But, this little girl size is too cute! Check out the great tutorial by Laura from Little Button Diaries. You wouldn't need the warm water & salt combo listed if you use our dyes.
5. Watermelon Potholder - A Beautiful Mess is such a great blog with fun projects and great photography. If you you've never pursued their projects, you're missing out! Their potholder tutorial is great. But, if you don't happen to have that fabric, you can make you own using white fabric and you guessed it, Tumble Dye!
6. Watermelon Beach Towel - How fun would this be to do with the kiddos?! We love how they involved the whole family with this idea from Katey at Having Fun at Home.
7. Watermelon Shoes - Our dyes work great on these canvas shoes. But, if you want the look and aren't up for a DIY, you can always buy these from Ms. Hey's Etsy shop. ;)
8. Mini Watermelon Bags - Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling used acrylic paint for these little cuties. But, did you know you can screw off the lid on our tumble dyes and dip a paintbrush right in the bottle? You sure can!

Ok, are you convinced that need to make one of these cute watermelon projects? We are! Tumble Dye is the perfect pair because they are water-based, non-toxic dyes made right here in the US. Just shake the bottle and you're ready to go - NO MIXING! Happy crafting!

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