Monday, September 4, 2017

DIY Velvet Aspen Tree Card

Happy Monday! We have a super cool card to share today using DIY aspen trees. You are going to love how we made these!

First off, did you know we sell velvet paper? It's exactly what it sounds like, a rich, plush velvety paper. It adds such an amazing texture. We especially love it for fall and winter crafting.

To make your own aspen trees, you will need to start with a sheet of our coconut velvet paper, charcoal tumble dye, and a little paint brush.

Use scissors to cut strips of velvet paper the size you want for trunks and branches. They should be a little uneven and taper slightly.

Shake the Tumble Dye, take the lid off, and paint some fine horizontal lines on your velvet paper, to resemble Aspen bark. The dye will bleed slightly to create the natural bark look.

Then, just put them on your project and add a few leaves. Cool, huh? It's a lot of fun too. Plus, we have some fall velvet paper bundles on sale this week for just $5 each!

More fall crafting ideas coming tomorrow!

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