Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Christmas Cards

We know, we know! Christmas products are hitting the shelves before some of us are ready. You may want to enjoy the season of Thanksgiving before moving on to thinking about gifting. However, if you are a card-maker you know holiday cards take time and the earlier you get started, the better! So, we're here to help those early crafters today.

Here are three simple card ideas. This card kit will be available on our website soon. But, if you can't wait, we have several other holiday card kits on sale this week for just $7.50 each!

Little 3-D touches make all the difference! These little gems our some of our most favorite embellishments to use, especially for the holidays.

We also used gems on the wreath to add dimension and sparkle. But, we think it's the ribbon that makes this card even so pretty.

For this last card, we cropped the poinsettia paper to create an interesting background. So, we only needed a few more accents to make it complete.

Are you ready to start your holiday crafting now or are you going to wait until Thanksgiving is over to think about it?

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