Monday, August 26, 2019

Kids DIY Tie Dye T-Shirts

School started this week here in Cache Valley. So, we wanted to do one last fun project with the kids.

All you need for a fun custom shirt is tie dye, elastics, white shirts, and water. First, dampen the shirt with water for best blending and coverage. Then, tie the shirt according to the design you want.

Shake the Tumble Dye and spray it on the shirt. Let the shirt air dry. Last, heat set by ironing for permanence.

For a successful design, we suggest letting kids choose about 3 colors for their design. Also, talk about how they want it to look before starting. In this case, we gave the kids 3 options... bullseye, spiral, or stripe. Each child picked a different design.

The oldest child chose the bullseye design. He wanted his shirt to look like a target. For the bullseye, find the center of the shirt. Pull up from the center of the shirt and tie an elastic around, letting the rest of the shirt hang. Tie elastics every few inches down the rest of the shirt. Spray the tied off sections as desired. He did an alternating red, navy, and sky blue.

This girl chose the swirl design in aqua and hot pink. For the swirl, hold onto the center of the shirt and twist until the shirt is in a fairly tight circle. Tie elastic bands around the circumference of the circle to make pie-shaped sections. Spray the tied off sections as desired. In this case, she just did 4 sections. But, you can do more sections for more colors.

This boy is a big Utah Jazz fan and wanted to do stripes similar to the city edition uniforms. For a stripe design, fold your shirt like an accordion and tie elastics every few inches. Then, spray between the elastics.

So, what do you think, which method is your favorite? Do you think your kids would enjoy tie dye? Do you have any tips for doing this with children?

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