Monday, December 29, 2008

Bored...? Let us help you

we hope your holidays have been going great so far. Now you might have some downtime with the extra family members that are still milling around. We have some ideas on what might keep some of the kiddies and even adults entertained. Above we discovered what great press-on earrings our epoxy stickers can be for playing dress-up. It's great for those girls who are wanting their ears pierced but aren't quite at the age to get something permanent. Our little cousins loved them and changed out their Dill Blossom 'earrings' numerous times throughout the day.

We were testing out some of our new rub-ons from a few of our different lines. The Kitty's Place line has some rub-ons that we used for our own homemade tattoos. **We do warn that they don't wash off too easily, so that could be a good thing or a bad thing. They worked great on fingernails too. And if you add a clear coat it just prolongs the rub-on that much more.

The other rub-ons we used were from our Poppy line. We had a boring old calculator that got beautified. Some other employees said that their kids individualized their hand held PSP's that they got for Christmas!

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