Monday, January 5, 2009

Feliz New Year

Happy New Year! With one year past and another one awaiting there is much to plan and reminisce about. So when I was in a high school I had a teacher, Mr. Martin, that taught me about goal making. He said the common phrase about a goal not being written down is merely a wish. He went on to teach us about how he would set a physical, mental and spiritual goal at the beginning of every new year. This way he wasn't overwhelmed with too many goals but he could also improve himself overall as a person.
With goal-setting for me I have to see my goals on a regular basis or else I'll forget what I'm working on. I took Mr. Martin's advice and made 3 tags with the different topics (physical, mental & spiritual). Behind each of the tags I wrote the specifics of what I was going to accomplish under each aspect. (I like to keep my resolutions a secret because my mom would always say that if you tell someone something that hasn't come true, you're jinxing yourself and they won't come true, haha.) After I made my little tags I had some magnets and applied an epoxy sticker to the face of them. I stuck them to my bathroom mirror so that I'm reminded everyday of what I'm trying to accomplish. Let me know what resolution tactics work for you! I love hearing your ideas.


P.S. The paper and epoxy stickers I used for this project were from our Dill Blossom line. I love this line because it works great all year around.


NanaBeth said...

I love this-I'd never heard that quote before. It makes sense-I'm going to work on this.

Karen said...

What a great way to stay on track and keep yourself reminded of the goals that you want to accomplish! I had never thought of setting spiritual, mental, and physical goals, but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing...

NanaBeth said...

Any sneak peeks coming our way?

the art studio said...

Yes NanBeth! Thanks for asking. We will be posting our new spring releases for CHA. We are still working out the details on when we can post them. Watch for more information here in the next week!


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