Friday, December 5, 2008

On the Last Days...

It's sadly come to an end but it's been so much fun. Here are the last ideas for this week. We have this family recipe for caramels that everyone looks forward to every Christmas. I knew that my sister would appreciate the time that I put into making the caramels but I also wanted to have them wrapped in a nice way. We came up with a paper matchbox idea. It was really simple but holds about 8 caramels. I thought it would be a perfect neighbor gift idea as well. We just picked out our favorite Glitzmas paper, Let it Glow and pieced together our own matchbox. I made a template on how I created it so that I could simplify the instructions. Click here to view the template.

So I counted making the caramels and packaging them as her final gifts. I've had so much fun sharing these ideas with you. Next week we'll be going back to our Monday posts. Let us know if these projects were helpful & have a wonderful weekend!


Bonnie said...

So...I love the box! Can we please have the recipe for the caramels, too? They sound simply scrumptious!

Shell said...

these were great ideas - wish you were doing more

and me too for the caramel recipe!

Anonymous said...

Love the box! Are you sharing the caramel recipe? Please do


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