Friday, December 5, 2008

9th & tra-la-la-la 10th...

Growing up, my mother would always count down the last 12 days to Christmas with her stories. My sister and I looked forward to this time of year when she would pull out this old binder and read magical stories to us. I'm sure many of you have a similar tradition. This year as I've carried on the tradition in my own home, I realized how bulky that binder was. I decided I would compile these stories for my sister but I wanted a smaller format, one that would be easy to read with a child on your lap.
• First- I found these accordion flip albums at work. They have 6 pocket sleeves and counting the backs of the sleeves it added up to 12 slots, perfect!
• Second- I made copies of all the stories and shrunk them down to a smaller 4"x6" format. With stories that were more than 1 page I just stapled them together and slid them into the sleeves.
• Third- I covered the album with our let it glow
paper and I inserted solid 4"x6" card stock from Glitzmas to frame each story
Done, a three step process that makes such a memorable gift!

Are you wanting a simple idea? Does someone you know have a pet? Well my sister has a dog, Toby, that she just loves. Going on walks is one of the activities they both look forward to during the day. I wanted to make this event a little more personalized. I used our iron-on strips from our Park Buddies line. I bought a leash and collar and ironed the strips onto them both. It's so cute and easy. You could even do a onesie for a baby with some of our other iron-on's. Iron-on's can be the solution to your holiday gifts.

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