Monday, December 15, 2008

Paper and Decorating

Dorthea and Maria made the most amazing wreath a few weeks ago that we wanted to share with you! It's really straightforward. All you need is:

• a leaf punch
• floral picks (you can put 3 leaves on each pick)
• styrofoam wreath (ours is 12" diameter)
• a LOT of your favorite paper!

First you punch out your leaves. We used Winter Glitter Land, Caspia, Oasis, and Celery. You can always punch more as you go, so make a guess based on your wreath size and don't worry.

Next, take your picks and attach leaves to your wires. Careful not to get poked too much! Be sure to mix and match your papers as you're putting the leaves on.

Now that you have all your leaves ready, start putting them into your styrofoam! Angle them as you push them in, fluffing and arranging as you go.

Ta-da! You're all done. Isn't it beautiful? Just don't hang it outside or it won't last very long.

Another idea is to take a cool vase or hurricane and to fill it up! We had some twig balls hanging around, a green rock garland, and some ornaments. (One of the paper ornaments is from our 5th and 6th Day of Glitzmas!) It's just a quick and easy way to incorporate all your hard work into your displays! It's totally versatile and you could even make arrangements for other seasons. (Maybe use gourds at Thanksgiving or eggs for Easter with coordinating papers!) We hope you enjoy and let us know if you have questions!

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