Wednesday, December 3, 2008

5th & 6th days... We're Half Way There!

Since I'm halfway done I decided to show a simple way to spruce up some goodies that I baked (or pretended to). I picked up a loaf of bread at a local bakery but you could use this packaging idea on a box of treats or a plate of cookies. All I did was grab a piece of Merry Little Ornaments from our Glitzmas line and cut a 2" strip. I wrapped the strip around the bread and attached an embellished tag with a brad. Simple, and my sister will think I'm a great baker!

Ok, so take a deep breath for this next project. It's a little time consuming but you get faster the more you make. My sister has a little Christmas tree that she keeps in her room. I wanted to make some little ornaments for it that would be nice enough for her to treasure for some time.
They also look great arranged in a bowl without the ribbons as a centerpiece or used in place of a bow on a gift box. I have illustration links with each step if you need a visual-so jump in!

Before you begin you will need:

• one 12 x 12" sheet of paper (per ornament)
• a small scrap of stiff cardstock (for the template)
• an 8" to 10" piece of ribbon (per ornament)
• a 2" circle paper punch (or any size you have)
• glue

1. First, punch out 20 circles that are the same size from your choice of 12 x 12" paper (or use old Christmas cards, or photos, etc).

2. Using this template you can print & cut the template triangle out of stiff cardstock (or light-weight paper board). I used the first triangle in the template for the 2" circles. Basically, it's just a perfect triangle inside a circle, so that the three points of the triangle touch the circle.

3. Lay the first circle down on your work surface with the printed side up. Place the triangle template on top of the circle and fold the three overlapping sides of the circle towards the center (see instructions illustration 1). You should basically have a triangle of paper with three rounded flaps sticking up.
All of the circles need to be folded the same way. That's it for the folding! Now repeat step three with the remaining 19 circles.

4. Use five of the folded triangle-circles for the bottom of the ornament. Glue the triangles together using the rounded flaps (illustration 2).

5. Use ten of the triangle-circles for the middle of the ornament. Glue the triangles together with the points alternating up and down (illustration 3). After the glue dries, wrap the two ends around and glue the matching flaps together (illustration 4).

6. Glue the remaining five triangle-circles together for the top. Before you glue the two ends together, tie a knot in the length of ribbon so that it makes the ornament hanger and place it in the center (illustration 5). Then glue the ends together.

7. Now glue the top, the middle, and the bottom pieces together. If you want glitter on the edges, spread glue on the outside edges of the flaps and dip in glitter. That's it! Ok, so maybe it's a little tedious but I promise you'll get faster with each one and they look beautiful.

Let us know what you're thinking about these projects! We love your comments.


melita said...

i've always wanted to know how to make those ornaments! thanks so much for the tutorial!

the art studio said...

I'm glad that you liked it. Let us know how it turns out & email us any pictures you'd like to share (!


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