Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Monday

Hope that you had a wonderful weekend. We wanted to thank you again for your comments when Maria visited us. From the feedback it looked like a lot of viewers enjoyed her inspiration sites. Sometimes it's nice just having eye candy and not having to buy anything. Just browsing through a few blogs can give you ideas on do-it-yourself projects, entertaining guests, picking up a new hobby... or just soak up a beautiful design. Whatever it is you like here are some of my favorite blogs to visit:

• If you like photography The Blog is Found is a wonderful blog about a husband and wife photography team that have the most amazing images.
Jordan Ferney is a letterpress artist that has a lovely blog about entertaining, color palette ideas, letter pressed beauties and more.
Inchmark is a blog created by a former senior art director for Martha Stewart, enough said. Look here for fun craft ideas, quirky books and baking recipes.
• A blog that I love to read through is Katie Did. If you have daughters or children in general you'll love it even more for crafts, patterns, blankets and other ideas to simply beautify your home and life.
Bookhou is a couple's blog that have a home decor company. John and Arounna have such beautiful aesthetics. Their ideas are minimalist and timeless and their blog transforms their design process into everyday life tips and creations.
• The last one is my new favorite, Mer Mag. She is an amazing illustrator and artist and translates her ideas onto her blog in such a yummy manner.

I hope you like these blogs as much as I do. It's a wonderful way to get inspiration and create a lot out of a little. What are some of your everyday blog destinations?


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coolblogger said...

I love mondays. This blog made it even better even though I didn't read this on monday


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