Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guest Blogger- Give to get a response!

When I know a friend or family member’s birthday is approaching I like to come up with a more personal gift than something you just buy in the store. This drives my husband crazy, but I just love creating a gift that will really become a keepsake. Being that I’m in the line of work that I am, I like to create smaller photo albums and give them as gifts. These are usually around 8”x8” and include photos from special events or sometimes even just a bunch of random photos.

In this graduation album I liked the idea of using her school colors, green and white, and then adding black to give it a youthful feel. The black and white photos just seemed to fit perfectly with the overall theme. These are always a big hit and really show that you care.

So, next time you have a gift to give, consider making an album similar to this one. I promise you’ll score some extra points with whoever the lucky recipient is.


Scrapmaster said...

I have actually made an album/calendar for my mommy. She was so excited. The gift didn't cost very much money and she liked it more than any other gift. And to top it off she cried. That is how you know it is a good gift. I like the black background you used. It looks way better!!

Leisha said...

Lucky is right!!! That is something I've done before too. I love the colors and photo's!

Skinner Family said...

I love the 8X8 books. I have made gifts too! I even have used them to make books for my kids. It is great and easy to add extra pages.

Nicole_White said...

I love making photo books too! Online photo books are easy to create and they make such wonderful gifts for loved ones! Like you said, these gifts become keepsakes and show the recipient how much you care. I really like the graduation album you made, the colors and photos you picked look so nice together. Thanks for sharing your design!


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