Thursday, July 16, 2009

Smokey Eyes Done Right

I love this tutorial! If you can get this technique down, you'll look fabulous in your photos. The better the photo, the better the layout, right?

Growing up I loved makeup and would paint anyone’s face that would let me (and when I say paint, I mean that literally…sometimes the outcome was a bit scary. I’d like to think I’ve gotten a bit better over the years). About 5 years ago I had a little stint as a makeup artist. I worked in Southern California for a summer selling and doing makeup for all sorts of people. During this time I learned how to create the perfect smoky eye, great for summer nights!

Instructions: (the steps correspond with the above photo)
1. Start by curling your eyelashes (I recommend Covergirl’s lash curler).
2. Then brush your entire lids with a soft neutral shadow (I like Stila’s eye shadow shade: kitten).
3. Now, with a deep silver or gray eyeliner (I use Estee Lauder Artist Eye Liner color: slate with a great smudger on the end) thickly line the upper lash line.
4. Next it is key to smudge the liner to create a softer look rather than a harsh line. With a grey/brown loose eye shadow, softly brush the powder across your eyelids to the crease and lightly brush over your liner and under your bottom lashes (I like L’Oreal’s On-the-Loose shimmering powder, color: orb).
5. Now with a golden brown liner, trace your bottom lash line, I like to do a straight, slightly thick line to give a more dramatic feel (try Rimmel’s Special Eyes pencil in ginger tea).
6. Lastly, use a dramatic black mascara on your lashes - two coats will really give depth to the eye (I strongly recommend Clinique High Impact Mascara in black – it is a very wet and dramatic mascara).

That’s it! Now you are ready to transform into a summer goddess…enjoy.

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