Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest Blogger- Inspiration Anyone?

I love the show Project Runway. Every season they do an inspiration challenge where the contestants must take pictures of places (i.e. famous buildings, museums, parks, gardens, etc.) & then create an outfit designed in the spirit of whatever it was that inspired them. It is so fun to see what they get inspired by and how they translate that into their designs. One designer that stood out to me chose the Chrysler Building as his inspiration and designed a unique art deco dress to showcase. As you see from the pictures…he did a pretty good job.

As creative people, I think we can all agree on one thing – inspiration is the key to reaching our full creative potential. A lot of times we find ourselves feeling a little less than creative at all, let alone inspired. What are we to do!? Well, I’m a real believer in the thought that inspiration can come anytime anywhere, but that also doesn’t mean that it comes every time and everywhere. My husband has some notebooks that he orders online and their tagline is “I’m not writing this down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now!” I think this really can apply to the creative process. We all need a great place to display the things we find that serve as our inspiration…hence, the ribbon board.

I saw this ribbon board on Martha Stewart and thought it was perfect to hang in your creative space and load with anything that “moves” you.

Homoste board (a tackable surface available at home-supply stores and lumber yards)
Tight-weave linen (available at art-supply stores and fabric stores)
Upholstery tacks
Picture hanger

click to enlarge
• Cut the board, or have it cut at a lumberyard, to the desired size.
• Pull the linen taut over the front and around the sides, and staple the four edges to the back.
• Fold the corners neatly, and staple flush to the board (A). Let your creativity loose in weaving a pattern with ribbons (B & C).
• Use upholstery tacks (look for ones with intriguing designs) to secure the ribbons (D).
• Screw a picture hanger to the back of the board, and hang on the wall.
• Tuck your snapshots, cards or anything you wish behind the ribbons; you’ll need few, if any pushpins.

1 comment:

Amanda Lewis said...

I love this idea!
I made one for my scrapbook room above my desk and it works perfectly. My daughter made one too for her bedroom and she slips pictures of her friends and her in it.
Thanks for showing how to make one. ive been looking for one of these to buy and now i know how to make one, which i always think is better :)


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