Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stamping Techniques Continued...

We've been talking this week about how easy stamps are to use, and how many projects they're perfect for. Today's stamp project is a lot like Monday's notebook - we're taking an existing item and using stamps to personalize it.

Which item, you ask? Containers. Specifically, I'm focusing on using stamps on the little metal tins that you can find anywhere and everywhere these days (Altoids mints, AOL cd mailers, etc.) I wouldn't say I collect them, but I do hang on to them when I find them in good condition. They're ideal for so many crafts, for giving small gifts, and for treasuring little nick-knacks and keepsakes. Here's just one way to dress them up with stamps...

Idea #3: Stamped Traveller's Paintbox

If you're going to re-use a tin for something involving water or anything moist, make sure it's actually made out of aluminum. Most tins are made out of - yep, you guessed it - tin! The edges are usually curled down around an iron wire too, and both tin and iron rust very easily. But it's not too hard to find a tin made from aluminum (search for "aluminum tin"), and the aluminum ones won't rust.

The aluminum tin I used for this project came with a deck of cards in it, and I love the finish just like it is - all shiny and satin-smooth. So I stamped on the bare metal with the scroll from the Windsor stamp collection in Ocean Deep ink. To make it permanent and durable, I set it with embossing powder and a heat tool. I bought a $1 watercolor set from the local dollar store, removed the lining, and cut it down to fit inside the tin. I bought the brushes on clearance at Walmart for about $2.00, cut them to fit in the tin, and sanded the ends smooth. Last but not least, I cut several little cards of watercolor paper, rounded the edges, and clipped them together on top of the paints and brushes. Voila!

That's it! And this is just one out of hundred of possible uses for these little tins, from portable sewing kits to gift card carriers, and travel games to mini jewelry boxes. As a matter of fact, leave a comment while you're here - what are your ideas for metal tin projects?




Karrie O. said...

Thats really cool!! How about for a mom on the go with her lil ones. Put bandades, that new neosporin spray thingy, sample size sunscreen. Or for a students backpack put an extra house key, emergency phone numbers.

Dorthea B. said...

That's an awesome idea, Karrie. Everyone needs a mini first aid kit. Thanks for sharing!


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