Friday, July 10, 2009

Well, we've made it to the end of the week! Don't worry, Dot will be back again next week with her clever tips, giveaways, and little inspirations. You all have been very gracious while I've shared some fun, non-traditional stamping ideas this week. So far, we've used stamps to make a personalized notebook, embossed scratch-and-sniff cards, and a metal tin portable paintbox.

The last technique I wanted to share with you is a little more general, but hopefully it will leave you inspired to make all kinds of stamped gifts and keepsakes. Let's look at stamping on fabric, and other textured surfaces. First, check this out:

You might remember this little bag from Maria's December 8th post from last year. It's a little muslin gift bag I made with various Alpine Frost embellishments - including a velvet iron-on, rub-on, and Alpine Frost stamps.

Many of our readers may not be aware, but we sell several fabric scrapbooking elements in our online store. To say that these specialty papers add texture and dimension to your layouts and cards would be a huge understatement. So how can you make them even better? I'm glad you asked. You stamp on them, of course!

Stamping on fabric does two things. First, it allows you to make custom repeating patterns that our eyes naturally expect to see on fabric. And second, it gives that wonderful texture to your project that makes it feel down to earth, well-worn, and authentic. In addition to stamping on fabric, a whole number of materials kick stamps up a notch, including velvet, textured and embossed cardstock, textured wallpaper, and many acrylic gels and mediums on regular old paper. Here is a sampler, giving you one more sneak peak at our upcoming Moravia collection stamps:

Now it's your turn. The next time you come across a textured paper you love, or any other interesting surface that just appeals to you, break out your stamps and experiment! Stamps give you the freedom to personalize and custom create in limitless ways.

Thanks again for tuning in this week. We love all our readers - you make this blog worthwhile and lots of fun!


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