Monday, November 9, 2009

All Dressed Up

I love the art of gift-giving….it truly is an art…I am fascinated by it and am constantly seeking for creative ideas in giving love away. Dressing up a box, a bag, bread or muffin tin, tags, envelopes…the list goes on and on, and since Christmas is rapidly approaching, I thought it would be fun to focus on a few fun ways to dress up gifts for the holidays. Today I’ve chosen this picture from Country Living as my inspiration piece….I adore it…its sparkly and sweet.

I’ve made paper cones before but liked the simplicity involved in these waffle cones. All it took to make my own paper creation was a simple circle with trim along the edges, then formed into a cone with the decorative edges showing, and ending with a few embellishments to top them off….how fun to hang from a doorknob…perhaps even making smaller cones as decorations for your tree….easy and irresistible.

Paper and chipboard from the Christmas Mint and Alpine Frost add such beautiful and elegant touches.

I’m looking forward to sharing more packing ideas with you throughout the week!


Christine said...

Melissa, these are beautiful!!!


FresaBonita said...

These are very beautiful.. You always know how to inspire with the sweetest things.. :)

Daniela said...

Beautiful creations, Melissa!

Gabriela said...

These posies are the loveliest ever! Such sweet nostalgic old world elegance!

Kathy W said...

These cones are beautiful! Thanks for sharing both your creations and the inspiration they came from.

Anonymous said...

Just so beautiful! love the addition of the lace, flowers and what a great idea for the silver pipe cleaners! TFS: Tinla


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