Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Birthdays

I just love receiving cards, a very important part of having a winter birthday! We winter birthday babies need to know that in the midst of Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays that you didn’t forget about us. We like to have our special days. I dedicate the card above to my Grandmother Beverly, my mom’s mom. She was the only other winter birthday in the family, and she died of colon cancer at age 57. I always remember her birthday on that day (January 8th), and I will forever.

One of the best birthdays I ever had was a photo shoot with my best friend, Cody. We bought 80’s sweaters from the thrift store and dressed up, taking photos up and down the street in front of our apartment. It was silly, it was fun and it was something I’ll never forget. Lesson? Don’t forget to document those fun and silly times – they WILL inspire you later. Here’s a few photos from that shoot, and in typical Seattle fashion – no snow.


L'Hélène said...

Love the shoes on the third pic. You know, that yellow sweater, paired with the purple pants, actually look good on camera! It should be headache inducing, but it looks good in a flashy, so-bad-it's-good sort of way!

Leah the Orange said...

yeah, i, um, LOVE those sweaters. especially the mustard one. what a FUN photoshoot!! :) i am a total retro eighties gal, so this post really calls to me!


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