Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Write Your Goals

Last year Dotty gave us some tips on setting goals. So here are few reminders:
1. Write it down.
2. Pick only a few.
3. Look at them often.

I am going to add:
4. Be specific.
5. Keep track.

I made this book to help me keep track of my goals this year. I chose to use papers, ribbons & epoxy stickers from the En Route collection as a reminder that life is a journey and goals keep us heading in the right direction. I am going to write each goal on the front, then use the inside to track my progress. Do you have any tips or goal ideas to share?


P.S. Don't worry we will start the sneak peeks TOMORROW!


Melissa said...

I think that people put a lot of pressure on themselves when they create goals for their hobbies. So I try to create goals that expand my knowledge or give me new experiences rather then, "I need to create xxx number of pages this year."

I can't wait for the sneak peeks!

Jaimie said...

Good idea! : )

Shirley said...

I do not have a specific goal, but I try to live each day by keeping in mind: enjoy EVERY day. Just seeing the first butterfly in Spring, or hear the birds sing after a rainshower.. those little things make life so beautifull!

Thanks for sharing ur lovely ideas.


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