Monday, April 12, 2010

Some easy projects for around the house!

Hellooooo! I'm back! hee! OK, since I left you with some pretty random facts about me, I figured I should give you a little bit more of an introduction! So, here we go.. a little bit more about me! I am married to my bestest friend in the whole entire world.. in fact, this month we celebrate our 10th anniversary! TEN!? How does time fly so quickly? We have 2 munchkins. A girl and a boy. Laine is 8 and Harley just turned 3. We all enjoy a day of family time, hanging out with books and movies.. all of us pile on the couch in our jammies... yep, those kind of days are a favourite around here! Throw in a crafting project and I am in heaven! hee!

I looooove to craft, like really really love it! Scrapbooking and crafting are my 'me time' ..not too sure what I would do without it, I neeeeeed to do something creative every day! I also enjoy photography.. capturing every day moments. My camera is always close by! Decorating our home also tops the list of things I love! I am always trying to find ways to incorporate fun things into our surroundings! Lately I have been looking around the house, trying to figure out what walls or rooms I can paint.. it is an obsession really! lol Actually, I wanted to share a few little 'around the house' projects with you today!

We recently painted our entry/mud room a light mint-ish green colour, and to add a bit of interest to the room, I decided to frame some of my favourite SEI patterns! LOVE how it turned out too!

This is a picture of the entire grouping, right when you walk into the door. This is actually our 'side door' ..but definitely the one that is used 100% of the time. It used to be a darker beige colour, and I love how the bright paint makes the room feel so much bigger! ..and the paper fits in perfectly!

I looove the metallic sheen in the lower paper, so very pretty! I also had this cut out word art that I had done before (words cut out and patterned paper placed behind).. but when I saw the colours of some of the SEI patterned paper, I figured it needed a little update as well! ;) I suppose I should fill you in on my obsession with all things green, yellow and turquoise.. definitely a theme throughout the house!

It sooo needed that pop of turquoise! And the flower peeking through the 'O' is a favourite!

I also was super inspired by images of garland floating around the net.. and even a few times on the SEI blog here! I just HAD to make my own! In the theme of the house (of course).. here is a little bit more of that soothing colour combo!

This is the window above my desk in my craft/scrapbooking room.. I am now wondering where else I can hang some fun garland!? It was so easy to make too! Just sewed with the machine and kept feeding in the punched circles and cut out flowers!

Yep, totally have these images that were previously blogged right here and here to blame! The SEI blog pulled me in like a magnet and before I knew it, I was making a garland! lol Thanks for the inspiration!

As you can see.. a big part of me is what I like to surround myself with... making or trying to make our house fun and practical for our family! I am the kind of person who likes things that make me the happiest close by. My family, my hobbies, my jammies (so totally not kidding).. and even fun garland hanging from my window! ;)

Hope you enjoyed todays post.. and I double dare you to go make a garland of your own! Or even frame some patterned paper (seriously the easiest project ever!)!! See you all tomorrow!! :)


Monika said...

I made the heart garland, too!

And now I am making a home sweet home art print for my living room. I had one little space that needed a filler with two other pieces (husband's art and my photography), with the letter W for our last name. It just needed something, even though it's all supposed to be about odd numbers, I know.

How simple. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for a peek into your world.

A Cupcake Life said...

Love your home projects Jen! ~Dusti

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of framing patterned paper and the garland is so cute. I painted my scrap/guest room and have nothing on the walls yet. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks for the idea from a very creative-challenged lady.


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